Carter McEneany created this site as an eleven-year-old cartoonist who was moving into sixth grade. He has since moved on to study music and other activities but has left this website as a legacy to his former passion. He loved to draw Sheldon comics and other funny but random things. At the time of the site's creation, his favorite videogame was Rock Band. His favorite color was Blue. He was a fan of the New York Yankees and he liked the New York Giants when it comes to football. He was also a big fan of the band Aerosmith. He enjoyed taking animation classes at Animatus Studios.

At the age of eleven, when the site was last maintained he was a student in Webster, he loved to learn about new things. His favorite subjects in school were Social Studies and Writing. He liked writing funny Sheldon stories such as Sheldon in Dora Land, Sherldon's Big Adventure, Sheldon: Around the World, Sheldon at the Crime Scene, and Sheldon Wars IV: A New Dope. He has also written a forty page mini-novel called Sheldon in Candyland.

Historically, Carter was inspired by many things. In third grade, he and his buddies used to read Garfield and Calvin & Hobbs. He loved comics so much; he decided to go back to making them. You see, in early second grade, he had a comic called The Diaper Dumb Dumb. It was a funny series of Booklets about a giant five-year-old kid with a diaper, and the misadventures of him and his family. But soon Carter got another idea, and gave The Dumb Dumb over to his sister, Elle. His second comic was called Silly Goose, which only happened to appear in three comics. Silly Goose was about a talk-show-host named Goose (a goose, of course) who always ran into massive problems, like being chased by a Shark with legs, or being stuck in a large pond with three hundred exact clones of himself. Nobody knows why he stopped doing Silly Goose.

Lloyd the Turtle lasted at least twice as long as Silly Goose. Lloyd was a special turtle. He had traveled the world eight hundred eighty-eight times, was in fifteen movies, and was Batman and Superman. But, since he was the most popular living thing on Earth, he disguised as a plain old turtle owned by the nerdiest person ever. Lloyd appeared in fifteen finished comics, and about thirty unfinished ones.

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