Sheldon is the bird too fat to fly, the main character.

He was invented on 2/28/10.

To see some comics of him, go on "comic of the week."


Sherry is Sheldon's half girlfriend.

She doesn't like Sheldon... or does she?

Nobody really knows! ???


This is Jeff the egg who has a green wig and orange "pants."

Just so you know, he found the wig in a pile of green hair in a barber shop.

The "pants" are just an old candy wrapper.

Evil cheeze-puff minion

Evil cheeze-puff minions are the evil minions of Dr. Cheeze (below).

The minions are kinda helpful, besides standing there trying to eat their legs.

Evil cheeze-puff minions are probably at the bottom of the-evil meter.

Pierre the plate

Pierre the plate is an imaginary talking plate.

He was made by a famous french artist who's hair was falling off.

That explains the mustache.

Dr. cheeze

Dr. Cheeze is the leader of an army of cheeze-puff minions.

Dr.s are usally helping people with their fevers or chicken pocks.

This one is usally found in his evil base building a big weapon.

Larry the Leprachaun

Larry is a magical leprachaun who lives in a waterfall.

He loves to take wishes and mess them up and play pranks.

He also likes french toast.

Tom the Turkey

Tom is Sheldon's cousin, but used to tease him when they were little.

He thought SHELDON was fat, but now he's back, and he's twice the size of him!

Now Tom's the one getting teased! By a BIRD!

Flappy the Penguin

Flappy is Sheldon's fourteen-year-old cousin.

Despite their differences, Sheldon and Tom have one thing in common.

They're both jealous of Mr. Perfect Penguin!

Harry Hound

Harry Hound is a very nasty hound dog

He is a seventeen-year-old bully and HATES Sheldon.

He can usually be found playing "Chuck the Camera" with his buddies.

Peter Panda

Peter Panda is a cute little panda bear who loves everyone.

Everyone, that is, except for Sheldon.

The Hot wings

The Hot Wings is a hard rock band formed by Sheldon J. Nutz, Joseph Fleeman, and Alfred Opterneu.

BAND MEMBERS: Sheldon - Drummer / Joe - Lead Guitar and Lead Singer /Al - Bass and Back up vocals

Some of their songs: Squack this Way, Same Old Wings and Beak, and TNT (Troublemaking Noisy Toucans)

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